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Symbols of the planet uranus.

The image above shows an actual
picture, the astrological symbol and
the Vedic personification of Uranus.

Uranus, the unfortunate butt (no pun intended, .. Ok, maybe just a little) of many an astrological and astronomical joke. This planet was discovered by William Herschel less than two centuries ago and most of what we currently know about this massive planet is by way of the readings and images taken by NASA’s Voyager II that flew by Uranus in 1986. The most interesting of these discoveries was that like Saturn, Uranus is also encircled by rings, thirteen to be precise.


The 7th planet in the solar system, Uranus is a slow moving planet that passes through one sign of the zodiac in about seven years and twenty seven days. Uranus is not taken into account in Vedic or Chinese astrology, it is used in Western astrology in which it influences the sign of Aquarius and represents the interior, the subconscious and psychic awareness. Under the influence of this planet, a person may feel in complete harmony with their surroundings, but then at another time may feel as though they are entirely out of unison and one of the most unfortunate persons in the world. Either view is of course, illogical.

Uranus is believed to be responsible for sudden deaths. That is, when death is attributed to Uranus, it is usually not due to a slow acting disease, but due to a sudden event like an accident or calamity. Uranus has a peculiar uncertainty, it may also be called a planet of destiny, when this has a strong influence, fate plays a prominent role in one’s life. The vibrations of Uranus transcend the conventional three dimensions of space, into a higher dimension. The action of this planet is unpredictable and is so opposed to routine or prescribed methods that is can create opposition and misunderstanding. This is to teach us that in fact, nothing happens by chance. This planet also advances spiritual knowledge, to make people more impersonal and less possessive in their attitude toward life.

The character of this planet is somewhat akin to those of Jupiter and Saturn, it is progressive, spiritual, but can be moody. The nature of this planet does not seem to favour occupations for which one gets a regular income or to help accumulate great wealth. For this reason, persons with a strong Uranian influence would be well advised to make provisions for less fortunate times. Also, income generated during a favourable Uranus period is rarely saved. Uranus stands for the higher octave of Mercury and in order to benefit from it’s favourable vibrations, one must remain impersonal, unprejudiced and without ulterior motive. Otherwise, the force of this planet can be destructive and malefic.

Uranians may not be the most practical of people, they are not conformists either and do not follow the crowd. By the time a trend becomes fashionable, they have lost interest in it. Those born under a strong influence of this planet may find it difficult to either be understood, or to understand themselves. It is advisable that they make the most of each opportunity and live each day at a time, without planning too far ahead. If they take this precaution, it may save them unnecessary disappointments.

Uranians aim at great and noble things, they are found of philosophy and religion, they have strong intuition and possess a desire to rise above the material. Generally they are romantic, unsettled, prophetic and concern themselves with not only personal matters, but also matters of an interest to society at large.

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Uranus governs the nervous system therefore, when it is afflicted it has an influence upon the cerebro-spinal axis of a person, It often induces strange symptoms, which are difficult to diagnose or cure. An afflicted Uranus can cause incurable or even terminal diseases. In order to overcome the malefic effects of Uranus, it is necessary to control appetites and passion, every step should have an unfaltering trust in the Divine Spirit.

Where Uranus exerts a strong influence in a horoscope, marital relations can suffer due to the individualistic nature that this planet has on the character of a person. The only safeguard would be for each partner to have a definite interest life, leaving the other free of conventional restriction and to develop absolute mutual confidence. Such individuals also tend to be over-confident, ambitious and inclined to undertake undue risks.

Uranus in it's benevolent aspect can also give rise to thoughts of an original character, increase intuition, stimulate psychic abilities and elevate the mind to a higher state of consciousness. If used constructively, this can makes an individual powerful in their own sphere and make them medium for advancements in art, science, literature, philosophy or religion.

Uranus and the 12 Zodiac Signs

What influence do the twelve star signs have on Uranus?

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  1. Uranus is not used in traditional Vedic or Chinese astrology.
  2. Uranus represents the inner being, the subconscious, fate and psychic ability.
  3. Astrological / astronomical symbol for Uranus, .
  4. It influences the zodiac sign of Aquarius.
  5. It affects the nervous system.
  6. According to numerology, Uranus' number is '4'.
  7. The direction associated with Uranus is, South.
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